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Mall "Monarch Plaza"
Presented: Vitaflex Ltd.
Sector: Development, Commercial real estate, Retail objects
Region: CIS, Republic of Belarus
Investment amount: 32000000 USD
Projects ID: PRJ000284

Presented: Németh Csilla
Sector: Industry, Rural economy, Food industry, Livestock farming
Region: Abroad, Hungary
Investment amount: 5700000 Еuro
Projects ID: PRJ000340

Construction of youth - student hostel
Presented: Yerevan Medical Institute after Mehrabyan
Sector: Development, Culture, Commercial real estate, Hotels, Education
Region: CIS, Republic of Armenia
Investment amount: 2500000 USD
Projects ID: PRJ000362

Flying Crane

ID:PRJ000409 // Update: 2014-04-21 // Hits: 9659

Moscow City, Israel, China, USA, Japan, Canada, Russian Federation, Abroad
Development, Mechanical engineering, Innovation technologies
Rights holders:
Khmelnik Solomon I.
Project rating:
 5 points (7133 votes)
Investment amount:
3 000 000 USD

Presentation aim:

Project description
Flying crane is a platform with electromagnetic devices capable of lifting loads. Power for these devices is served by cable. In this sense, the proposed crane is like lifting magnets, moves on rail structures. However, for the flying crane supporting structures are not needed: it can independently (by remote control) to move along the fields and change the pitch. This is convenient where it is impossible to establish rail structures - in docks, warehouses, agricultural farms, factory shops, stores, etc. It is much cheaper than the various cranes and land carriers.
See: flyingcrane.biz

Project status
What guarantees the possibility of creating a flying crane? There is
* Known experiments;
* Scientific justification of such possibility (without violation of the known physical laws and wthout invention of new laws of physics);
* Method of calculation;
* Program of calculation;
* Sketches of several designs;
* New materials and technologies.
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