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Mall "Monarch Plaza"
Presented: Vitaflex Ltd.
Sector: Development, Commercial real estate, Retail objects
Region: CIS, Republic of Belarus
Investment amount: 32000000 USD
Projects ID: PRJ000284

Presented: Németh Csilla
Sector: Industry, Rural economy, Food industry, Livestock farming
Region: Abroad, Hungary
Investment amount: 5700000 Еuro
Projects ID: PRJ000340

Construction of youth - student hostel
Presented: Yerevan Medical Institute after Mehrabyan
Sector: Development, Culture, Commercial real estate, Hotels, Education
Region: CIS, Republic of Armenia
Investment amount: 2500000 USD
Projects ID: PRJ000362

Incubator of innovations

ID:PRJ000404 // Update: 2012-10-01 // Hits: 11570

Great Britain, Germany, Israel, USA, France, Abroad
Innovation technologies
Rights holders:
Kuvaytsev Sergey
Project rating:
 5 points (7259 votes)
Investment amount:
10 000 USD

Presentation aim:

Project description
Our innovations for submarines and amphibians.

1. Creation of joint Skilled Design Office
JV OKB on manufacturing of prototypes of the latest development (the reduced models of vehicles with INNVOTSAIYEY and INNOVATIONS of other directions), carrying out tests and their patenting. In a frame of this agreement to conclude a package of contracts:

    About partnership intentions where approximate imprisonment terms of contracts and organizational questions will be registered.
    Constituent contracts (share in the Charter, Patent rights and so on).
    JV OKB creation "Innovation"

We create open company or JSC JV OKB "Innovation" as to you it is better. And already from this LEGAL ENTITY we MAKE AN APPLICATION ON the PATENT. I offer you not simply Idea, and IDEA and technology of its realization...
In fact it is start-up the project.
The experimental design bureau "Innovation" will not only study ideas of svy experts and реализховывать them, but also to buy ideas of others and having finished to requirements of the market, to realize or sell them. The direction similar to your activity (protection of copyright).

Project status

1.1Безвихревой a gidrodvizhitel of Kuvaytseva - Colour - promotes silent (in comparison with a screw drive) for сонаров the opponent to movement of submarines and the class "stealth" ships.


Potential consumers:

All those countries and the enterprises which let out submarines Russia, the USA, Great Britain, Germany, France.

I come back to the project description!

The description proyektabezvikhrevy Kuvaytsev's gidrodvizhitel for submarines and the class "stealth" ships.

The main source of noise of submarines and the prospecting ships, mini-submarines of a special purpose is a turbulence of screws!

Modern submarines and the ships use hydrojet acceleration (ACTUATING VESSEL) being formed at the expense of rotation of screws. Screws when pushing water, rotation, create a turbulence of water streams which create acoustic noise heard PASSIVE SONARAMI the OPPONENT.

My development allows to create hydrojet acceleration (ACTUATING VESSEL) without a turbulence of water and without use of electric motors!

The strong case of the submarine is revetted with soundproofing rubber, and not resonant protivogidrolokatsionny and soundproofing rubber covering is put on the easy case.
As use of titanic cases (the titan парамагнитен, that is is absolutely not magnetic material) and НЕМАГНИТНОЙ BECAME (Typical structure and properties of not magnetic steel with high corrosion firmness: to 0,12 % With, to 0,8 % of Si, 1 — 2 % of Mn, 17 — 19 % of Cr, 11 — 13 % of Ni; μ = 1,05 — 1,2).

Projects of submarines:
K-162, 685, 705, 945 and 945А. - have the rubber and titanium case that does them lownoise and hardly noticeable for hydrospeaker and geomagnetic systems of detection.
FROM the ABOVE-MENTIONED it is VISIBLE that the unique source of the VISIBILITY FOR the RADAR of the OPPONENT is "screw singing" caused by a water turbulence because of rotation of blades of the screw.
My development allows to solve this problem - to clean a boat shumnost because of the screw! That is the vessel will move without "screw singing" because of its absence!

1.2 The hydrojet prefix for an amphibian car of Kuvaytseva-Tsvet - increases speed on water of amphibians (до30 knots (55 km/h) - 50 knots (92 km/h - vzavisimost from a design of a prefix, type of the bottom and other factors).
Key economic indicators

  1. Completion term - 2 years
  2. Breakeven term - 3 years

Contact information

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