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Mall "Monarch Plaza"
Presented: Vitaflex Ltd.
Sector: Development, Commercial real estate, Retail objects
Region: CIS, Republic of Belarus
Investment amount: 32000000 USD
Projects ID: PRJ000284

Presented: Németh Csilla
Sector: Industry, Rural economy, Food industry, Livestock farming
Region: Abroad, Hungary
Investment amount: 5700000 Еuro
Projects ID: PRJ000340

Construction of youth - student hostel
Presented: Yerevan Medical Institute after Mehrabyan
Sector: Development, Culture, Commercial real estate, Hotels, Education
Region: CIS, Republic of Armenia
Investment amount: 2500000 USD
Projects ID: PRJ000362

R&D and production of heat-insulation clothing

ID:PRJ000379 // Update: 2012-02-20 // Hits: 12240

Israel, USA, Finland, India, Canada, Abroad
Industry, Innovation technologies
Rights holders:
Rastorgueva Liudmila
Project rating:
 5 points (7218 votes)
Investment amount:
200 000 USD

Presentation aim:

Project description
The present project "R&D and production of heat-insulation clothing" involves the development and implementation of new technologies for producing individual clothing and collective heat protection accessories, protecting people from cold and heat. These technologies are based on the principle of heat-recovery of the human body’s own heat.

The potential markets for the new products are in the northern and southern regions of Russia and abroad, where the population suffers from extreme cold in winter and from sweltering heat during the summer. As a consequence, these changes bring a physical and psychological discomfort, partial or complete disability, colds and chronic diseases. With the new products heat loss can be reduced in winter and overheating of the body and premises can be prevented in summer by up to 30% without any additional equipment or appliances.

Project status
Prototypes of some of the products have been developed so far. If orders are made, the required amount of products can be produced.
Corporate structure

We have held preliminary talks with customers in Yakutia, Krasnoyarsk District, and the United Arab Emirates.
We need investment deal to build our own experimental laboratory, to promote products on the market and register patents.

Marketing information

Marketing research shows they will enjoy a large number of buyers. We aim to solve the urgent problems of the ordinary consumers through low-cost consumer goods. However, as these goods are not yet on the market and represent a new kind of product, these segments can be described as emerging and considered promising. Therefore an active advertising campaign should be launched.

Project management

The Project Manager, as stated above, is L. Rastorgueva, PhD, a designer with many years of experience as a fashion designer in the pilot workshop, senior research fellow at All-Union Scientific Institute of Occupational Safety, a high school teacher of the following disciplines: "Fundamentals of the theory and methodology of design engineering", "Technology of garments" and "Designing clothes”; Head of R&D companies; As well as author of more than 50 scientific publications, including the monograph "Personal protection of humans from the cold in the North. Traditions and modern developments.”, as well as a number of security documents (see p.3). L.N. Rastorgueva has done a management course at the Business Center of one of the universities in the U.S. (as a prize for a competition for the business plan).

Further information

The methodological basis for the project is primarily the scientific and practical experience of its author and director – L. Rastorgueva , Ph.D., who has dedicated many years on research and developing the means to protect people from harmful climatic conditions. A number of her engineering designs are based on the principle of heat-recovery of the human body’s own heat: 

- half-mask (Patents in USSR, USA, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Finland; at minus 60 ˚C the mask keeps the temperature underneath to plus 6-20 ˚ C, depending on the energy loss - thanks to heat-recovery of the exhaled heat) - chemisorption heat-insulating shoe insole (USSR;  increases the temperature of the foot by 5˚ for an hour) - winter clothes (USSR, a Russian Federation patent; at minus 48 to minus 53˚C builders wear overalls with thickness of about 1.5 cm; on top of the clothes there is a wrapper suit without a heater which protects the suit from industrial pollution. Since 1992 this clothing has been made for herders, hunters, fishermen, pilots, police officers and other professionals in Yakutia), etc.

Contact information

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