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Mall "Monarch Plaza"
Presented: Vitaflex Ltd.
Sector: Development, Commercial real estate, Retail objects
Region: CIS, Republic of Belarus
Investment amount: 32000000 USD
Projects ID: PRJ000284

Presented: Németh Csilla
Sector: Industry, Rural economy, Food industry, Livestock farming
Region: Abroad, Hungary
Investment amount: 5700000 Еuro
Projects ID: PRJ000340

Construction of youth - student hostel
Presented: Yerevan Medical Institute after Mehrabyan
Sector: Development, Culture, Commercial real estate, Hotels, Education
Region: CIS, Republic of Armenia
Investment amount: 2500000 USD
Projects ID: PRJ000362

Centre of science "Cybernetic systems". Fighting robots.

ID:PRJ000348 // Update: 2014-05-08 // Hits: 12045

Vologda Region , Great Britain, Germany, Egypt, Spain, Italy, Finland, France, Canada, Czech Republic, Russian Federation, Abroad
Mechanical engineering, Innovation technologies
Rights holders:
Oleg Ilin
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Investment amount:
350 000 000 USD

Presentation aim:

Project description
Combat robot consists of an autonomous robot sniper and the slave robot station (generator) power. Weight and dimensions are identical. Uses a unified tracked chassis, with four electric motors with total capacity of 4 kW. Speed 3-5 km / h, cruising range on one battery charge for at least 20 km. After a "rest", charging the batteries of a mobile station - the generator (slave robot), the movement can be continued, as the generator is supposed to use a current generator with deuterium (cold fusion) 3 kW (but may be on a different basisAs well as on the generator were conducted only laboratory experiments). The duration of such a station without refueling 10 - 15 years. Robot sniper, the same is equipped with generator power, hydrogen power of 5 kW for emergencies.

Summarizes the characteristics of the starting sample of combat robot - Sniper.

* The relative independence (autonomy), equipped with artificial intelligence - the robot to make their own tactical decisions this time. Strategic decisions, including the decision to destroy, take a person - the operator.

* Equipped with satellite navigation and communications, as well as a system of short-range radio for communication with other robots.

* Equipped with anti-electromagnetic weapons.

* The energy system of fighting robot allows for 10 years to operate continuously without maintenance.

* Ammo - 1000 rounds.

* Equipped with a Dragunov sniper rifle

* Detection range of 1500 meters the daytime, at night, 500 m

* The design of the robot can upgrade it in whole or in each node separately, without structural changes other nodes. Nodes are standardized and interchangeable.

* Dimensions [mm]: Width - 1200 Height - 1350 (the height of a mobile generator - 1500), length - 1500, the length of the robot are joined node - pointer to the robot generator - 500.

* Weight 400 kg.

* Speed 3-5 km / h.

Commercial products and technologies that we expect to receive (in place of a main product - fighting robots):
1. Power generator on hydrogen (generator). Application - robotics, vehicles, household appliances (home).
2. Batteries (Ionn - lithium, as well as their modification and equivalents). Application - robotics, vehicles, household appliances, aircraft.
3. Solar panels. (The innovative design and manufacturing technology). Application - robotics, vehicles, household appliances, aircraft.
4. Artificial Intelligence (processor system with the software). Application - robotics, vehicles, household appliances, aircraft.
5. Range of electromechanical devices. Needed for robotics components not produced in Russia. Can also be used in industry and everyday life.
6. Noise-resistant, digital data transmission system (the land - the land, and land - space). Large commercial potential has not, but it is a very complex and required for robotics.
7. Video surveillance systems of high-definition and digital image processing (basic intelligence). Great significance for robotics use in all intelligent systems, coupled with the recognition of images.
8. Metals with a built-in structure of the system, nano-carbon tubes.
9. Biomaterials
10. Generators use the energy of the earth (nano)
11. The development of nanoelectronics and continued development of microelectronics (chips).
12. Current generator using cold fusion.
13. A number of scientific studies, which will not be disclosed. (Antimatter, "mikrotermoyadernye reactors, inexplicable in terms of modern science, but recorded phenomena, etc.)

Also expected to develop: Military robots - intelligence, military robot - rocket launcher, military robot - The Rocketeer (anti-tank missiles with laser guidance), the combat robot - antiaircrafter (based on a "boom"), combat robot - the headquarters of strategic decisions.

Basic science and technology, in which the Research Centre will develop:

1. Nano Science (nano technology, biotechnology, artificial intelligence, autonomous sources of power - for nano Cybernetics)

2. Development and production of autonomous military robots for military and space areas.

Ground robots: robots hands, robot intelligence, robot tanks ... Miniature robot spiders, robots, bugs, dust-robot, nano-robots.

Aerial robots: a mini planes, mini probes, mini helicopters ... robot bees, mosquitoes robots, molecular robots .... Nano - Robots.

Underwater robots, and water - the protection of underwater oil fields, the special operations and intelligence.

Battle space robots: Protection against space debris.

Project status
Is on consideration: in the Ministry of Defence, in the international fund of technologies and innovations, in regional investment structures.
Key economic indicators

  1. Completion term - 2 years

Contact information

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