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Investment and Construction Company "Arsenal-Holding"
Sector: Development, Residential development, Low-storeyed development, Multi-storeyed development
Region: Russian Federation, Krasnodar Territory, Moscow Region, Perm Region
Investment amount: 10000000 Еuro
Projects ID: INV000275

Capital2B (Project financing LTD)
Sector: Industry, Wood-working, Light industry, Food industry
Region: CIS, Republic of Azerbaijan, Republic of Kyrgizstan, Republic of Armenia, Republic of Belarus, Republic of Kazakhstan, Republic of Moldova, Republic of Tajikistan, Republic of Uzbekistan, Republic of Turkmenistan, Ukraine
Investment amount: 500000000 USD
Projects ID: INV000360

Empire Financial Limited
Sector: Banking, Banking
Region: Abroad, Great Britain
Investment amount: 10000000 Еuro
Projects ID: INV000311

UniGlobe Capital Trust Inc.

ID:INV000308 // Update: 2011-07-21 // Hits: 14381

Locations of interest:
Moscow City, Russian Federation
Investment sectors:
Metallurgy, Industry, Chemical and petrochemical
Project rating:
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 5 points (7331 vote)
Investment amount:
1 000 000 000 Еuro

About the company
UniGlobe Capital Trust Inc. provides financing and management services for Projects whose activities sustain sound objectives.
The UniGlobe Group assist customers in structuring efficient financing solutions for commercial, industrial, transportation and infrastructure projects. This includes financial alternatives and advice in support of bundled solutions for project lenders and developers.

With more than two decades of experience in structured financing, leasing, and project finance engineering, UniGlobe's team of seasoned professionals provides tailored financing solutions for commercial, industrial and transportation ("CIT") and infrastructure projects.
UniGlobe provides critical financial techniques to: -Evaluate and allocate resources against project risks to optimize financing funding; -Structure projects to optimize cash flow and profits; -Syndicate the project's equity and debt by understanding the requirements of commercial lenders and equity investors; -Create liquidity through capital markets.

UniGlobe Capital offers the advantages of the strength and global reach of GSI Financial, along with a team that has unrivaled understanding of the Project Finance, expertise in creating tailored financing solutions and strong relationships with the financial community.

We use capable management and technology to develop the economic and social well-being of less developed countries. UniGlobe Capital undertakes projects that benefit sponsors and the host country. We finances projects that conform to sound management, economic, technical, environmental standards and worker rights. In implementing projects, we take into account guidance from the host country's Government on observance of property rights, and respect for, dignity and economic rights of the individual.

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Applications are accepted only from the Project Owners to address inv.project@mail.ru

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