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The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation

The CCI of the Russian Federation represents the interests of small, medium and large business. Its activity covers all areas of business - industry, internal and external trade, agriculture, finance and services.

The Chamber assists the development of the Russian economy and its integration into the global economy, as well as in the creation of favourable conditions for the development of all kinds of entrepreneurial activity.

109012, Moscow, ulitsa Ilinka 6.
Phone: (495) 620-00-09
Fax: (495) 620-03-60


The Financial-Banking Council of the CIS

The FBCCIS was founded on the initiative of the leading financial and commercial institutes of the member states of the CIS. The main idea behind the foundation of the FBCCIS was the need for participating national financial markets to create favourable conditions for their successful and effective operations in neighbouring countries, which formerly made up a common economic zone. 

FBCCIS works closely with the CIS Executive Committee of the CIS. Joint action by the Executive Committee of CIS and FBCCIS allow to solve the problem of international scale in existing programs.

101000, Moscow, Luchnikov pereulok 21 office 21
Telephone: (495) 624-3384, 624-3502


Business Russia All-Russia Civic Organisation

Business Russia unites Russian entrepreneurs of the latest generation who work mainly outside the raw materials and refining sectors of the economy: in machinery construction, construction, light industry, agriculture, financial services, information technology, and many others.

The strategic goal of "Business Russia" - promoting the development and implementation of economic policy aimed at creating favorable conditions for entrepreneurship, private enterprise and competition as a means of achieving the common strategic goal - to improve the lives of its citizens through economic growth.

123610, Moscow, Krasnopresnenskaya naberezhnaya 12, entrance 7, office 202.
Telephone: 967-0038
Fax: 967-0046

"Edinaya Rossiya" supporters - a social institution that brings together people who share the ideology of the party, vote for it and support the policy of creating a strong state with a modern economy, social sectors and civil liberties. Supporters - they are citizens, not formally associated with the party, but sympathizing with her​​, sharing her program and ideology. Supporters' institute - a kind of filter Party and its pool.

The Organizing Committee of the Central Council Russian political party supporters, "EDINAYA ROSSIYA"

121248, Moscow, Taras Shevchenko emb., 3, korp. 3
Phone: +7 (495) 363-36-54
e-mail: storonniki@storonniki.net


AGA Management is a professional consulting company working in Russia and abroad in the fields of investment, mergers and acquisitions deals, and business development and reorganisation support for over five years. 

The structure of AGA Management Limited includes four practice - legal, international legal, tax and Practice of Corporate Finance, which allows the company to operate in format of the financial and legal boutique and thrive in the segment of professional services for business-class luxury.

123242, Moscow, pereulok Kapranova, 3.
Phone: (495) 913-54-00.
Phone/fax: (495) 644-42-42.

The National Agency of Low-rise and Cottage Construction (NAMIKS) is a non-commercial partnership that brings together members of the low-rise and cottage construction market, and a partner of the "Svoi Dom" ("A House of One's Own") project of the United Russia party.

The Agency is made up of highly varying organisations: development and construction companies, low-rise building materials and equipment manufacturers, and financial bodies.

127473, Moscow, ul. Dostoevskogo 19/15, str. 1.
Phone: +7 (495) 626-3066, +7 (495) 684-4987
Fax: +7 (495) 681-4263

The GVA Sawyer International Property Advisers group of companies is a member of the international GVA Worldwide network. It has worked in the Russian market since 1993, providing a full range of services: development, including fee development; construction management; consulting; property transactions; capital market services; and property and assets valuation. 

The company works in all segments of the property market, including rural residential property and land. GVA Sawyer's offices are located in the key regional centres of Russia, including Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar and Krasnoyarsk. Furthermore, the company is working on projects in 42 cities, 38 of which are in Russia.

Moscow office: 109240, Moscow, Building on the Bernikovskaya Embankment, ul. Nikoloyamskaya 13, str. 17.
Phone: +7 (495) 797-4401.
St. Petersburg office: 190031, St. Petersburg, "Mir" Business Centre, ul. Efimova 4a, office 330.
Phone: +7 (812) 334-9392

The Moscow Entrepreneur Association is the oldest nationwide public association of Russian business directors and businesspeople, having been founded in 1989. Forty-four committees of the Association represent entrepreneurs from 51 regions of Russia, as well as from abroad. 

In Russia, the Association works with the Presidential Administration, the Federal, Moscow and regional governments, committees of the State Duma and Federation Council, the President's representations in the regions, regional parliaments and more than 40 entrepreneurial associations.

109004, Moscow, ul. Stanislavskogo 22, str. 2.
Phone/fax: (495) 911-36-95, 912-32-64


JSC "Agency for Regional Development of the Kirov region" was created by the Government of the Kirov region, according to the Department of State Property № 04-428 of 24.05.2011.

Agency of Regional Development of the Kirov region assists the initiators of investment projects in the field of investment, promotion and support of innovative projects. In addition, the Agency provides legal services and valuation services to property.

610002, Kirov, Krasnoarmeyskaya, 17, 2 floor, room 201
Phone: (8332) 64-00-28, (8332) 70-83-19
e-mail: invest.kirov@mail.ru

The Scientific Financial Technologies company (NFT) provides a wide range of financial services both for banks, businesses and educational institutions as well as for the regions of the Russian Federation.

The company's mission is to raise their clients' business effectiveness on the basis of the latest scientific financial technologies.

125167 Moscow, ul. Planetnaya 11.
Phone: 233-38-51
ICQ: 469-128-430