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The managing company of the project, ZAO "FIP", provides:

- working out necessary documentation on your project for our database on the web;
- translation in foreign languages for the relevant versions of our web-portal;
- photo and video portfolio of the objects involved;
- obtaining interviews;
- designing presentations.

Apart from that, ZAO "FIP" in cooperation with its partners, offers independent investment analysis of your project, as well as estimation of its cost-effectiveness, assessment of the regional investment risks, feasibility report, calculations on the investment amount and payback period. We believe, all these will come in hand, when you start negotiating with potential investors and credit institutions.

109382, Nizhniye Polya St.,27a, bld.1, Moscow, Russia
Phone: +7(495)998-95-61
E-mail: info@fimip.ru

Investment and construction company "Arsenal-Holding" offers services to business planning:

- designing project presentation, both for publication and for introduction to any related party (investor, partner, creditor);
- financial and economic evaluation of project. Forming of financial model (realised in MS Exel), which enables to estimate all key features of the project and make its detailed analysis;
- working out project business-plan, including project investment analysis, calculations on the investment amount and payback period;
- analytical business research, aiming in accumulation and analysis of information, for example: analysis of competitive environment, analysis of business specifity, study of foreign experience, search for technologies and suppliers etc;
- managing of investment project realisation.

125047, 4th Lesnoy side-street, #11, Moscow
Phone: +7(495)787-0745
Fax: +7(495)287-1724
E-mail: info@yartd.ru

FBC of CIS offers:

- organization and carrying out of highly-professional independent expert examination, evaluation and selection of project on territory of CIS;
- adaptation of projects in compliance with international standarts and forms;
- structuring of projects, selection of partners;
- funding maintenance;
- support of mergers and acquisitions;
- financial services, consulting, audit, evaluation, legal support and business planning;
- promotion of syndicated relations, investment project financing, factoring transactions and commercial deals; 
- organize and conduct an independent examination of a highly, evaluation and selection of projects in the CIS.

101000 Moscow,
Luchnikov side-street, #2, off.21
Phone: +7(495) 6243348; +7(495)6243502
email: info@fbc-cis.ru


Chamber of Industry and Commerce (CIC) of Russian Federation provides services as follows:

- goods examination;
- property evaluation;
- exhibition and fair activity;
- intellectual property protection;
- information services and legal consulting;
- maintenance of non-governmental registers of goods examination experts, register of reliable partners;
- examination of force-majeure (circumstances of insuperable force);
- drawing up documents for foreign economic activity;
- foreign companies accreditation.

109012, Ilyinka St., #6, Moscow, Russia
Phone: (495) 620-00-09
Fax: +7(495)620-0360
E-mail: tpprf@tpprf.ru


AGA Management offers:

Professional services - corporate finance:

- managing of business financial efficiency;

- support of capital operations;

Professional services - law:

- legal consulting;

- legal support of mergers and acquisitions;

Services of tax practice:

- tax consulting by single request (long-term subscription services also available);

- tax consulting for international companies, working in Russia;

- Due Diligence in tax sphere;

- tax structuring of business;


Professional services - international law:

- international legal consulting;

- support of international M&A and other strategic operations (investment, IPO etc);

- business structuring;

123242, Kapranova side-street, #3, Moscow, Russia
Phone: +7(495) 913-5400
Phone/fax: +7(495) 644-4242
E-mail: info@agamanagement.net