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Who We Are

FIIIP is a communication environment, concentrating efforts on finding and assorting most prospective projects that are subject for future investments; finding and choosing investors for projects in need for solid funding; providing companies with platform for presenting their projects, successfully completed or well underway, in variant fields of industry, construction or technologies, both in Russia and CIS countries, as well as abroad.

Our Mission

Communication across informational, regional and language barriers; direct investments without agents or commission fees. Search for partners.

What We Do

FIIIP enables…
Project owners
– to provide complete information related to projects, which will help investor to make a purchase or co-investment decision;
– to find an investor willing to invest in a certain region or market segment.
– to get access to a convenient search engine, arranging investment projects in the target market segment or region, in accordance with amount of funds intended, economic efficiency of a project, terms and conditions of its realization etc.;
– to place an investment offer online.
Both project owners and investors
– to make presentation on the projects, successfully completed or underway, for their further promotion, obtaining a managing company, as well as for their self positioning on the market.

FIIIP will place information on projects and investors free of charge
 All you need is to register, filling out the form. After reviewing your data for its compliance with the statutory requirements, FIIIP’s specialists will assist you on adding information about your project and company to the database.

FIIIP will keep it currently essential
Our web portal allows easy and convenient access to information, sufficient for initial inquiries. FIIIP will not to participate in further dialogue between project owner and potential investor.

FIIIP implements partnership with the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Russian Federation, as well as with regional CIC, Financially-bank board the CIS, Moscow Entrepreneur Association (MEA).

FIIIP offers integrated consulting services, including:
– working out necessary documentation on your project for our database on the web;
– translation in foreign languages for the relevant versions of our web-portal;
– photo and video portfolio of the objects involved;
– obtaining interviews;
– designing presentations.

All the information about both projects and investors is classified by fields, regions, financial and economic characteristics, and is supported by analytical reviews, regional market news and expert’s opinions columns.

All visitors to our web-portal are invited to evaluate projects and investors’ offers, judging from investment appeal and prospects. Evaluations are to form the projects and investors’ offers rating.
Apart from that, FIIIP offers independent investment analysis of your project, as well as estimation of its cost-effectiveness, assessment of the regional investment risks, feasibility report, calculations on the investment amount and payback period. We believe, all these will come in hand, when you start negotiating with potential investors and credit institutions.