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What is this portal for?

Where to go to discuss consequences of the world financial crisis or the future of Russian stock market? Where to go to share one's valuable experience or elaborate market participants' strategy? Where to go to set up necessary links between real economy enterprises and major financial institutions?

Right, you go to Russian or overseas investment forums.

First of all, such events do not happen very often. Secondly, they may be held quite a distance from potential participants and, thirdly, think of quite an amount of money to be paid as participation fee, travelling expenses and accommodation.

As a unique alternative to international business fairs, we offer you the virtual Forum for Investors and International Investment Projects (FIIIP).

This web-portal is...
to improve business world communications,
to facilitate the search for a reliable partner,
to optimize investment projects research and selection,
to attract investments.

Without leaving your office, you will find here a highly-effective investment projects, as well as potential investors for your large-scale enterprise.

Here you can place information on your project or an investment offer, introduce your company or present your achievements in variant fields of industry, construction and technology.

The FIIIP provides online access to:
- latest news on economic climate in Russia and in its regions;
- analytical reviews by top experts;
- online conferences with well-known businessmen, statesmen and economists.

What is the difference between "Projects", "Investors" and "Presentations" web-tabs?

"Projects" tab is designed for investment projects presentation at different stages of their realization. It is aimed at both attraction of investors (investment, co-investment, crediting, and cooperation) and at project promotion.

"Investors" tab is designed for an investment company presentation, including its intentions to invest a certain amount into a specific economy segment on certain preconditions.

"Presentations" tab is designed for presentation of successful business, completed investment projects, as well as for advertising projects underway.

Why to register?

Registration provides you with authorized access to our resources via logging-in your "user's name" (ID) and password.
After you are registered, your personal data is inaccessible for other users and visitors. It may be used for correspondence purposes by the System Administrator only.
Users are not allowed to publish or share their materials on the web site unless they are registered.
Access to all the information materials contained in this web site is unlimited and open for any visitors (read only), regardless of registration. 

How to register?

Click "Register" option. This will open an application form to be filled in with your company info.
The user is responsible for the accuracy and authenticity of the information given.
Fields required to be filled in are marked with an asterisk; input area of required fields is limited to 50 characters.
If you have skipped any required field or have typed characters incorrectly, the screen tip will emerge.
If you have no data to input in the required field (i.e. fax number), just type blank.
You can add more fields of operation and/or several regions, fixing the Ctrl key.
You must provide a valid e-mail address; otherwise we will not be able to send you a registration confirmation letter, containing link for profile activation.
After profile activation you will be granted an access to your personal area, where you can publish project information, investment offers and presentations via your registered ID (user's name) and password.
Website Administrator has the right to refuse in registration if the information provided is inauthentic.

I'm a registered user, but I can not enter my personal area. I forgot my password.

The lost password cannot be restored, but you can obtain a new one.
You may send a message to the Admin's address (info@fimip.ru), indicating your e-mail.
Your ID and new password will be sent to your e-mail address.

How to edit or delete user's profile?

In case of incorrect input of user's data, you can edit your profile. The password can be changed as well. Do not forget to press "Edit" key after the input of new data.
You may lock your user's account by choosing the relevant option. Thus, your access to your personal area will be blocked; all the data and projects info will be removed from the web and moved to archive.

How to place data by projects?

You may add new project, offer or presentation to the portal by choosing the relevant option in user's personal area.
Use active keys in lower part of user's personal area to input new info:
- "Add project" - for a new investment project introduction;
- "Add offer" - for an investor's data or an investment offer introduction;
- "Add presentation" - for a company presentation or a completed investment project introduction.
After click on the active key, a form will appear with the fields required to be filled in. Input area of the required fields is limited to 50 characters. The screen tip will emerge in case of incorrect input. If you have no data to input in the required field (i.e. fax number), just type blank. You can add more fields of activity and/or several regions, fixing the Ctrl key.
When filling in the form, you may both input a text and save a file.
After you completed the form, press "Add" key. New data will be sent for verification. Verified by our moderator, your project, offer or presentation will be published on the web-portal. A notification will be sent to the e-mail address you specified.

What format for attached files is permitted?

In addition to the text information, you may upload several images in jpeg or png format (recommended side proportion is 7:3), a presentation in pdf or ppt format, videofile in avi, mov, wmv, flv format and documents in pdf, jpeg, xls or doc.
The size of any attached file should exceed 10 Mb. You may set (to point) one of the images as representing picture. This image will appear as the project preview image. The first image uploaded will appear as preview image by default.
We recommend uploading data by parts. Start with all texts and contact information, then save ("Add" option) and enter the project profile (user's area) again. Upload images, presentations, videos or documents in relevant parts of the profile ("Project", "Offer", "Presentation"), choose "Change" option to save changes.

How to edit or delete project's data?

You may edit any project, offer or presentation in your personal area by choosing a corresponding option in lower part of the site. Click "Edit" key after you finish editing. Renewed data will be sent to our moderator, who will publish verified project and send you a notification by e-mail.
You may delete any project, offer or presentation by choosing "Delete" key next to the name of the file you decided to remove.

What is the project's economic performance indicator for?

The project's economic performance indicator helps outside user to appraise its investment appeal.
Project implementation period - period of time from the launch of the project till its complete fulfillment (usually estimated in years).
Payback period - time from the launch of the project till the moment, when the net cash flows of an investment equals the initial cash outlay (also estimated in years).
Common benefit - net profit of the project (in RUR or other currency).
Return On Investments (ROI) - investment profitability, which means ratio of net profit to investment and project implementation period in years (estimated in percents).
Net Present Value (NPV) - present value of all cash flows from investment project, calculated with account of discounting (cash flow value change), and excluding investment amount (estimated in RUR or other currency).
Internal Rate Of Return (IRR) - rate of interest, where net present value (NPV) is equal to 0 (estimated in percents).

How to add hyperlinks, formatted text (accentuated or highlighted) and illustrations to the project's description?

The text formatting is impossible in user's personal area. You may turn to our Administrator (info@fimip.ru) for assistance. The FIIIP portal provides professional services:
- preparing documentation set on your project to be uploaded to our database on the web;
- translation in foreign languages for the relevant versions of our web-portal;
- photo and video portfolio of the objects involved;
- obtaining interviews;
- designing presentations.

What is the project presentation for?

Presentation is one of the most effective ways to promote your project, business or brand on the market; it is more spectacular and informative, than a common booklet. Presentation enables you:
- to place information about your project or company on any information resource;
- to present your project or company to collegues, partners, clients and investors;
- to make an effective offer in most demonstrative and simple way;
- to match the target audience's expectations, engaging financial and business partners in long-term cooperation.

How to design a presentation?

Normally, presentation of an investment project is designed in form of slide-show. It may consist of several parts:
- description of an economy segment;
- object location;
- description of an enterprise, project and planned product;
- analysis of competitive environment;
- marketing analysis of the product sales market;
- technical and economic indexes;
- planned fiscal effect;
- analysis of risks and project's effectiveness;
- business proposal to partners.

It should be remembered that most effective presentation is build of short, concise phrases, intermitted with stories, images, diagrams and figures.
For the best promotion of your product, leave the design of presentation to specialists by addressing our Administrator (info@fimip.ru).

How to raise your rating?

Visitors to our portal may vote for any project, investor or presentation. It can be done on the project's page by marking as many points (one to ten) as you want to award in marks.
You may vote for your own project as well, but only once from one IP-address.
All the projects are ranged on "Rating" page in compliance with average rate, determined by the guests.

How to be in TOP-10 and in special offers?

Every week FIIIP Expert Council announces TOP-10 of best projects and the shortlist of 10 Special Offers, notable for their originality.
The evaluation is made by several criteria, such as scale and efficiency of the project itself, its visual and technical representation.

How to place your banner or logo on our portal?

All banners and logos are placed on the web (active link support) for a special fee or on reciprocal basis. Please, call +7(495)9989561 for the price info.
You can send your advertising offers to the portal Administrator (info@fimip.ru)

How to leave comments in blogs?

Any visitor to our portal may leave their comments and discuss all the publications by prominent businessmen, politicians and economists, contained in "Blogs" tab. You can type your comment in a special comment box under the article. You are invited to enter your name, e-mail (if you wish), anti-SPAM symbols (only Latin characters allowed), and click "Send" in the end. Your comment will appear down at the page of the discussed article.
Attention: your e-mail address will not be shown on the page. We need it only for feedback.

How to find a project on our web-portal?

The web-site is equipped with several handy search engines, which will facilitate you in search for any interesting project by key-words.
The main page provides you with the search by region, field, amount of investment and a project's ID.
You may also click "Advanced search" option to search by company name, project purpose and economic indexes.
On the main page, left side, you may click "Companies" option to find all the materials, presented by the company you are interested in.

What is Business Plan of an investment project?

Business plan is a detailed presentation of your business concept to the wide range of potential partners. High-quality business plan is an essential part of a modern enterprise. It proves high business activity of a company, as well as earnest of your commercial intentions. Business plan is the programme of entrepreneurial operations, which puts forward a step-by-step plan to achieve a company's main goals. The volume and content of business plan varies greatly, depending on company's goals and field of its operation.
There are many standarts and methods of composing a business-plan, but its general structure, in compliance with UNIDO standards, contains several main sections:
- resume;
- description of an enterprise and an economic segment;
- description of products (services);
- marketing and sales of products (services);
- production plan;
- organization plan;
- financial plan;
- focus and efficiency of the project;
- risks and security issues.

You may find a lot of business plans on the Internet, well designed for various kinds of entrepreneurial activities. However, adaptation of a ready-made business plan to a specific project is practically impossible. Every project is a unique entity, and any attempt to implement it under a random plan will be doomed to failure.
Designing an efficient business plan requires a large-scale information analysis, in-depth law research and project's investment study.
It takes only professionals to do this.
Business plan can be uploaded on our web-portal along with other presentation materials of your project.
You may turn to our Administrator (info@fimip.ru) for assistance on business plan designing, project's financial evaluation, shaping a business idea, analytical business-studies etc.

How to get answers to other questions?

You are welcome to send any of your questions and suggestions to our administrator (info@fimip.ru).